Spelaeogriphacea: Species

J.K. Lowry & M. Yerman

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Spelaeogriphaceans are among the rarest of peracaridan crustaceans. There are currently only three species known, Spelaeogriphus lepiops Gordon, 1957, from South Africa, Potiicoara brasiliensis Pires, 1987, from Brazil and Mankurta mityula Poore & Humphries, 1998, from north-western Australia. The first two are cave dwellers and the third is known from an ancient aquifer. The fact that each of the species is found on a different continent probably indicates the antiquity of the group.

Spelaeogriphaceans differ from other malacostracans in having a distinct rostrum with a carapace enclosing the first two thoracic segments.

For more information on spelaeogriphaceans: Poore & Humphries, Patsy McGlaughlin, etc

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Spelaeogriphacea Species

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brasiliensis, Potiicoara

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lepiops, Spelaeogriphus

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mityula, Mangkurtu

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