Crustacea, the Higher Taxa

J.K. Lowry

Rhizocephala (Maxillipoda)

Description. Head. Rostrum absent; eyes absent (in adult); eyes ocular scale absent; eyes naupliar eyes present, or naupliar eyes absent (only in nauplius stage). Antennules (antenna 1) absent (in adult); peduncle and flagellum indistinguishable. Antennae (antenna 2) reduced, vestigial or absent. Mandible absent. Maxillipeds, absent. Thorax. Carapace absent. Thorax and abdomen undifferentiated, with 0 pairs of appendages. Uropods vestigial or absent. Telson absent.

Habitat. Endo and ectoparasites of crustaceans.

Distribution. Worldwide.

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