Crustacea, the Higher Taxa

J.K. Lowry


I gratefully acknowledge the many colleagues who supplied information and discussions for this study, particularly Pat McLaughlin, whose book "Comparative Morphology of Recent Crustacea" formed the initial and most important basis for the study, Rony Huys and Geoff Boxshall, whose book "Copepod Evolution" was invaluable in developing the keys to copepods and Rick and Gary Brusca whose book "Invertebrates" was an invaluable source of crustacean information throughout the project; but also Shane Ahyong, David Camp, Peter Davie, Gary Poore, Brian Kensley, Peter Ng, Bertrand Richer de Forges, Colin McClay, Rubén Ríos, Helen Stoddart, Genefor Walker-Smith, Les Watling and George Wilson, whose particular crustacean knowledge solved many problems. I am particularly indebted to Robin Stevens and Greg Towner, who scanned the pictures for this study and to Roger Springthorpe who skilfully composed the plates. I acknowledge the many pictures by Alan Myers, Gary Poore, Peter Serov, George Wilson and Wolfgang Zeidler taken from the Records of the Australian Museum; the isopod pictures of Brian Kensley and Marilyn Schotte and the early pictures of A. Alcock, C. S. Bate, Henderson, J. G. de Man, O. Paulson and especially G.O. Sars. I thank Mike Dallwitz and Eric Zurcher for their Delta expertise and untiring support and Peter Firminger and Russ Weakly who, cleverly and with much humour, put this project onto the Australian Museum Online website. Finally I thank Gary Morgan, Gwen Baker and Penny Berents for their continuous, long standing support of the project.