Crustacea, the Higher Taxa

J.K. Lowry

Conchostraca (Branchiopoda)

Common name. Clam Shrimps, Shelled Fairy Shrimps.

Description. Head. Rostrum absent; eyes sessile; compound, visual elements present; ocular scale absent; naupliar eyes present. Antennules (antenna 1) uniramous; peduncle and flagellum indistinguishable; exopod well developed, whip-like. Antennae (antenna 2) biramous. Mandible uniramous; palp absent. Maxillipeds, absent. Thorax. Carapace present, bivalved, enclosing head, body and appendages, laterally compressed, smooth (sometimes with growth lines). Thorax and abdomen undifferentiated, with 10-32 pairs of appendages; biramous; peraeopods (legs) phyllopodous. Uropods well developed, 1 pair, positioned terminally or subterminally; rami absent; lanceolate. Telson fused to pleon (pleotelson).

Larval development. Anamorphic. Embryos carried on peraeopods.

Habitat. Freshwater lakes, ponds and temporary pools; free-living.

Distribution. Cosmopolitan in temperate areas.

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