Amphipoda: Families

J.K. Lowry & R.T. Springthorpe

Implicit Attributes

Unless indicated otherwise, the following attributes are implicit throughout the descriptions, except where the characters concerned are inapplicable.

Description. Head free, not coalesced with peraeonite 1; exposed; rostrum present; eyes present, well developed or obsolescent; not coalesced; 1 pair; not bulging.

Antenna 1 3-articulate; peduncular articles 1-2 not geniculate; accessory flagellum present. Antenna 2 present; articles not folded in zigzag fashion; without hook-like process; not clavate.

Mouthparts well developed. Accessory setal row without distal tuft; molar present, medium; palp present. Maxilla 1 present; inner plate present; palp present, not clavate. Maxilla 2 inner plate present; outer plate present. Maxilliped inner and outer plates well developed or reduced, palps present, well developed or reduced; separate; outer plates present; article 3 without rugosities. Labium smooth.

Peraeon. Peraeonites 1-7 separate; complete; sternal gills absent; pleurae absent.

Coxae 1-7 well developed, none fused with peraeonites. Coxae not acuminate. Coxae 1-3 not successively smaller, none vestigial. Coxae 2-4 none immensely broadened.

Gnathopod 1 merus and carpus not rotated; carpus/propodus not cantilevered. Merus not fused along posterior margin of carpus or produced away from it; carpus/propodus not cantilevered, not produced along posterior margin of propodus.

None prehensile; 3-4 not glandular; 3-7 without hooded dactyli, 3-7 propodi without distal spurs. Peraeopod 3 well developed; coxa well developed. Peraeopod 4 well developed; not acuminate. Peraeopods 5-7 dactyli without slender or robust setae. Peraeopod 5 well developed; merus/carpus free; setae absent. Merus/carpus free; dactylus without setae. Peraeopod 7 with 6-7 well developed articles; with 7 articles; dactylus without setae.

Pleon. Pleonites 1-3 without transverse dorsal serrations, without dorsal carina; without slender or robust dorsal setae. Epimera 1-3 present. Epimeron 1 well developed.

Urosome not dorsoventrally flattened; urosomites 1 to 3 free; urosomites 1-2 without transverse dorsal serrations. Without basofacial robust seta, without ventromedial spur. Uropod 2 well developed; without ventromedial spur, without dorsal flange. Without recurved spines.

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