Australian Amphipoda: Eusiridae

J.K. Lowry, P.B Berents & R.T. Springthorpe

Regalia sp. 1

Type material. HOLOTYPE: male, AM P60757. PARATYPES: female "a", AM P60758; female "b", AM P60759; 26 males, 11 females, AM P60760; female, AM P60761; 4 specimens, AM P60762.

Type locality. 100 m north-west of Split Solitary Island, New South Wales (30º14.0'S 153º10.8'E), red and brown algae, 15-17 m depth.

Description. Based on holotype male, AM P60757, paratype females, AM P60758, AM P60759 and AM P60761. Head rostrum present, short; eyes present, eyes round or oval. Body dorsally carinate. Antenna 1 longer than antenna 2; accessory flagellum absent. Mandible molar conical, setose. Lower lip inner lobes absent; outer lobes with broad gap. Maxilla 1 inner plate apically setose. Maxilla 2 inner plate narrower than outer; inner plate slender medial setae few or absent, without oblique row of slender setae.

Peraeon. Gnathopod 1 simple; subequal to gnathopod 2; coxa weakly or not produced anteroventrally; carpus not cantilevered, subequal in length to propodus, without a lobe; propodus without robust setae along posterior margin (adults); dactylus narrowing distally, apically acute or subacute. Gnathopod 2 not sexually dimorphic. Gnathopod 2 simple; carpus not cantilevered, without a lobe, shorter than propodus; propodus without robust setae along posterior margin (adults); dactylus narrowing distally, apically acute or subacute. Peraeopods 3-4 propodus weakly prehensile, with distal robust setae. Peraeopods 5-7 dactyli inner margins smooth or minutely castellate.

Pleon. Pleonites 1 and 2 tricarinate. Epimeron 3 posteroventral margin smooth, corner broadly rounded. Uropod 1 outer ramus shorter than inner. Uropod 3 peduncle with dorsal robust setae; rami subequal in length. Telson notched or entire, without large apical robust setae.

Habitat. Marine; living among red and brown algae.

Depth zones. Littoral (15 to 17 m).

Remarks. This is the first record of Regalia in Australian waters. The undescribed species differs from Regalia gracilimana Pirlot, 1934, from Banda, Indonesia, in having a smaller eye, a more pronounced lateral cepahlic lobe, a shorter carpus on gnathopod 2, less developed dorsal spines on pleonites 1 to 3, rounded posteroventral corners on epimera 2 and 3 and uropod 2 is as long as uropods 1 and 3.

Distribution. New South Wales: Julian Rocks, Byron Bay (AM); Solitary Islands (AM).

Geographic areas. South-eastern Australia.


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