Australian Amphipoda: Eusiridae

J.K. Lowry, P.B Berents & R.T. Springthorpe

Paramoera fasciculata (Thomson)

Megamaera fasciculata Thomson, 1880: 5: pl. 1, fig. 5. --Thomson, 1880b: 218. --Thomson & Chilton, 1886: 146. --Thomson, 1889: 261.

Maera fasciculata. --Thomson, 1893: 72. --Stebbing, 1909: 741.

Moera fasciculata. --Chilton, 1906: 271.

Aucklandia enderbyi Walker, 1908: 35, pl. 5, figs 3-4.

Paramoera austrina. --Thomson, 1913: 243.

Paramoera fasciculata. --Stebbing, 1910: 640. --Stephensen, 1927: 332, figs 15-16. --Stephensen, 1938: 246.

Type material. Not known.

Type locality. Otago Harbour (8-10 m) and coastal rock pools near Dunedin, New Zealand.

Description. Based on Stephensen, 1927: 332, figs 15-16. Head rostrum obsolete or absent; eyes present, eyes reniform. Body dorsally smooth. Antenna 1 longer than antenna 2; accessory flagellum present, accessory flagellum minute. Mandible molar columnar, triturative. Lower lip inner lobes present; outer lobes with narrow gap. Maxilla 1 inner plate setose along medial margin. Maxilla 2 inner plate subequal or slightly broader than outer; inner plate with slender medial setae, with oblique row of slender setae.

Peraeon. Gnathopod 1 subchelate; smaller than gnathopod 2; coxa weakly or not produced anteroventrally; carpus not cantilevered, subequal in length to propodus, without a lobe; propodus without robust setae along posterior margin (adults); dactylus narrowing distally, apically acute or subacute. Gnathopod 2 not sexually dimorphic. Gnathopod 2 subchelate; carpus not cantilevered, without a lobe, subequal in length to propodus; propodus without robust setae along posterior margin (adults); dactylus narrowing distally, apically acute or subacute. Peraeopods 3-4 propodus simple, with distal slender setae. Peraeopods 5-7 dactyli inner margins smooth or minutely castellate.

Pleon. Pleonites neither tricarinate. Epimeron 3 posteroventral margin smooth. Uropod 1 rami subequal in length. Uropod 3 peduncle with dorsal robust setae; rami subequal in length. Telson cleft, with large apical robust setae.

Habitat. Marine, or Estuarine.

Depth zones. Littoral.

Remarks. Paramoera fasciculata is a relatively common species in New Zealand. Thomson (1893) reported it from tidal areas in the Huon River, Tasmania. This record has never been verified.

Distribution. Tasmania: Huon River (Thomson, 1880 unverified report).

Geographic areas. South-eastern Australia, or Extrinsic.

Extrinsic distribution. New Zealand.

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