Australian Amphipoda: Leucothoidae

J.K. Lowry, P.B Berents & R.T. Springthorpe

Leucothoe neptunea Moore

Leucothoe neptunea Moore, 1987: 254, figs 11-13.

Type material. HOLOTYPE: 3 mm, AM P36287; PARATYPE: AM P36288.

Type locality. Sublittoral holdfast of Ecklonia radiata, 3-4 m depth, Tinderbox, d'Entrecasteaux Channel, Tasmania.

Description. Based on Moore, 1987: 254, figs 11-13.

Head lateral cephalic lobe without cusp; cephalic keel present, cephalic keel similar in size to epistome; rostrum small to medium in size. Antenna 2 slender. Mandibles and maxillae well developed; mandibular palp 3-articulate. Maxilla 1 palp 2-articulate. Maxilliped ischial endite (outer plate) vestigial or absent.

Peraeon. Gnathopod 1 coxa large, not hidden by coxa 2, anteroventral corner produced, anteroventral corner broadly rounded; dactylus well developed. Gnathopod 2 coxa short, broader than long, rounded anteroventrally; carpus with simple apex; propodus palm convex, propodus palm weakly crenulate or smooth along entire margin; dactylus, inner margin smooth. Peraeopod 3 coxa about as long as broad, anteroventral corner overriding lateral face of coxa 2, not extending freely below it, ventral margin slightly convex. Peraeopod 4 coxa, posterior margin without posteroventral lobe. Peraeopods 5 to 7 basis expanded.

Pleon. Epimeron 3 posteroventral corner subquadrate.

Habitat. Marine; living among holdfasts of the brown kelp Ecklonia radiata .

Depth zone. Littoral (3-4 m).

Distribution. Tasmania: Tinderbox, d'Entrecasteaux Channel (Moore, 1987).

Geographic areas. South-eastern Australia.


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