Australian Amphipoda: Aoridae

J.K. Lowry, P.B. Berents & R.T. Springthorpe

Haplocheira barbimana typica Haswell, 1879

Haplocheira typica Haswell, 1879a: 273, pl. 11, fig. 2. --Haswell, 1882: 269. --Haswell, 1885: 106, pl. 16, figs 4-8.

Corophium barbimanum. --Thomas & Chilton, 1886: 143 (in part).

Leptocheirus barbimanus. --Della Valle, 1893: 433, pl. 57, figs 4-5 (in part).

Haplocheira barbimana. --Stebbing, 1906: 609, figs 104-105 (in part). --Stebbing, 1910: 648. --Schellenberg, 1926b: 195 (needs verification). --Sheard, 1937: 26. --Moore & Myers, 19__: xxx.

Haplocheira barbimanus. --Schellenberg, 1926a: 375. --Arnaud, 1974: 546, 553, 556, 559, tables 14, 17, 18-19. --Bellan-Santini & Ledoyer, 1974: 677, pl. 20d. . --Truchot, 1974: 20 (needs verification).

Haplocheira barbimana typica. Moore & Myers, 1983: 211, figs 9-13.

Type material. SYNTYPES (probable): 2 specimens, AM P3428.

Type locality. Port Jackson, New South Wales (33º51'S 151º16'E).

Description. Based on a male (AM P30189) from Crib Point, Western Port Victoria.

Head. Maxilliped basis without strong flange on anterior margin. Mandible, palp article 3 shorter than 2.

Peraeon. Sternal spines absent. Gnathopod 1 coxa distinctly produced anterodistally, rounded; without a spine, anterior margin without stridulating ridges, posterodistal margin with setae sparse or absent, anterodistal margin with flange weak or absent, with a weak distomedial lobe or absent; ischium anterior margin without flange, posterior margin with setae sparse or absent; merus not greatly elongated, posterior margin with dense rows of setae, without posterodistal spine; anterior margin without stridulating ridges, with setae sparse or absent, anterior surface with no spine, with an oblique row of long setae on medial face; propodus longer than carpus, posterior margin straight or evenly convex; dactylus about half length of propodus. Gnathopod 2 simple; basis anterodistal margin without flange, posterodistal margin without robust setae; with few setae along length of basis; anterior margin not lobate, moderately to sparsely setiferous; propodus moderately to sparsely setose.

Pleon. Uropod 1 biramous, peduncle much longer than broad, distoventral interramal spine about as long as peduncle. Uropod 3 biramous.

Habitat. Under stones, and peebles, among green algae such as Caulerpa and among holdfasts of brown algae Ecklonia radiata and Macrocystis pyrifera.

Depth zones. Littoral (o to 24 m).

Distribution. New South Wales: Port Jackson (Haswell, 1879); Victoria: Griffiths Point (Moore & Myers, 1983); Crib Point, Western Port (Moore & Myers, 1983) Tasmania: d'Entrecasteaux Channel (Moore & Myers, 1983).

Geographic areas. South-eastern Australia.

Extrinsic distribution. New Zealand.

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