Tanaidacea: Families

Kim Larsen

Pagurapseudidae Lang, 1970 Pagura.

Pagurapseudidae Lang, 1970: 603.

Description. Body shape semicylindrical, dorsoventrally flattened. Head, eye present. Antennule (antenna 1) biramous. Antenna (antenna 2), with more than 6 articles; squama present, or absent. Mouthparts well developed, functional in both sexes. Mandible, palp present, comprised of three articles; lacina mobilis on both right and left mandible; setal row present; molar broad. Labium with one pair of lobes, articulated. Maxillule (maxilla 1), with two endites; palp uniarticulated, palp with more than two setae. Maxilla (maxilla 2) well developed. Maxilliped, coxa present; basis not fused; endites not fused, narrower than basis. Epignath large, reniform, with two unevenly sized articles.

Pereonite 1 not reduced, at least three times wider than pereopod basis diameter. Cheliped, attachment directly to ventral cephalothorax surface; exopod present; carpus with few or no long plumose setae. Pereopods 1 to 3, coxae present. Pereopod 1, without plumose setae on distal articles; coxa extended into acute spine, or not extended into acute spine; ischium present; dactylus short, curved. Pereopod 4 as long as pereopods 5 and 6, dactylus not reduced. Pereopods 4 to 6, coxa present; dactylus and terminal seta not fused. Marsupium formed by four pairs of oostegites.

Pleon with five developed pleonites. Pleopods biramous, or uniramous; male pleopods well developed, or reduced; female pleopods well developed, or absent. Uropods present; protopod without curved spiniform process; endopod with two to six articles; exopod with two articles.

Generic composition. Hodometrica Miller, 1940; Indoapseudes Bacescu, 1976; Macrolabrum Bacescu, 1976; Msangia Bacescu, 1976; Pagurapseudes Whitelegge, 1901; Pagurapseudopsis Shiino, 1963; Pagurotanais Bouvier, 1918 (=Pagurolangis Gutu, 1996). Parapagurapseudopsis Silva Brum, 1973; Similipedia Gutu, 1989.

Remarks. Remarks. This family is probably not monophyletic and it is likely that the subfamily Hodometricinae Gutu, 1981 will be moved to the Apseudidae in the near future. Found in shallow water only.

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