Stomatopoda: Families

S.T. Ahyong & J.K. Lowry


Squillares Latreille, 1802: 36.

Squillinae. --Giesbrecht, 1910: 148

Squillidae. --Manning, 1968b: 109, 113. --Ahyong, 2001: 184.

Harpiosquillidae Manning, 1980b: 367, 369.

Diagnosis. Head rostral plate without long, slender median spine; eyes cornea with 3 rows of ommatidia in midband, midband ommatidia hexagonal. Antennae (antenna 2) protopod without anteriorly directed "dorsal" spine or articulated plate. Maxilliped 2 base of dactylus uninflated or strongly inflated, dactylus with more than 3 large teeth. Maxilliped 3 propodus ovoid, longer than broad. Maxilliped 4 propodus ovoid, usually longer than broad, occasionally as long as broad. Maxillipeds 3 and 4 propodi not ribbed "distally". Abdomen segments dorsoventrally depressed in cross-section. Uropod protopod forked, with 1 or 2 primary spines. Telson with distinct median carina, with 4 or more intermediate denticles, primary teeth distinct, slender, without movable apices or submedian primary teeth with movable apices.

Generic composition. Alima Leach, 1817; Alimopsoides Moosa, 1991; Alimopsis Manning, 1977b; Anchisquilla Manning, 1968a; Anchisquilloides Manning, 1977b; Anchisquillopsis Moosa, 1986; Areosquilla Manning, 1976b; Beloisquilla Ahyong, 2001; Busquilla Manning, 1978a; Carinosquilla Manning, 1968b; Clorida Eydoux & Souleyet, 1842; Cloridina Manning, 1995; Cloridopsis Manning, 1968b; Crenatosquilla Manning, 1984b; Dictyosquilla Manning, 1968b; Distoosquilla Manning, 1977b; Erugosquilla Manning, 1995; Fallosquilla Manning, 1995; Fennerosquilla Manning & Camp, 1983; Gibbesia Manning & Heard, 1997; Harposquilla Holthuis, 1964; Humesosquilla Manning & Camp, 2001; Kempina Manning, 1978b; Leptosquilla Miers, 1880;Lenisquilla Manning, 1977b; Levisquilla Manning, 1977b; Lophosquilla Manning, 1968b; Meiosquilla Manning, 1968b; Miyakea Manning, 1995; Natosquilla Manning, 1978b; Neclorida Manning, 1995; Neoanchisquilla Manning, 1978d; Oratosquilla Manning, 1968b; Oratosquillina Manning, 1995; Paralimopsis Mossa, 1991; Parvisquilla Manning, 1973; Pontiosquilla Manning, 1995; Pterygosquilla Hilgendorf, 1890; Quollastria Ahyong, 2001; Rissoides Manning & Lewinsohn, 1982; Schmittius Manning, 1972b; Squilla Fabicius, 1787; Squilloides Manning, 1968b; Tuleariosquilla Manning, 1978a.

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