Stomatopoda: Families

S.T. Ahyong & J.K. Lowry


Protosquillidae Manning, 1980: 366. --Ahyong, 2001: 85.

Diagnosis. Head rostral plate with long, slender median spine; eyes cornea with 6 rows of ommatidia in midband, midband ommatidia quadrate. Antennae (antenna 2) protopod with anteriorly directed "dorsal" spine. Maxilliped 2 ischiomeral articulation subterminal; base of dactylus strongly inflated, dactylus with 1 large tooth. Maxilliped 3 propodus ovoid, longer than broad. Maxilliped 4 propodus ovoid, usually longer than broad, occasionally as long as broad. Maxillipeds 3 and 4 propodi not ribbed "distally". Abdomen segments subcylindrical in cross-section. Uropod protopod forked. Telson without distinct median carina, entirely covered with erect spines and spinules or partially covered with erect spines and spinules or without spines or spinules, with fewer than 4 intermediate denticles, primary teeth distinct, slender.

Generic composition. Chlorisquilla Manning, 1969b; Echinosquilla Manning, 1969b; Haptosquilla Manning, 1969b; Protosquilla Brooks, 1886; Siamosquilla Naiyanetr, 1989.

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