Stomatopoda: Families

S.T. Ahyong & J.K. Lowry


Odontodactylidae Manning, 1980: 366. --Ahyong, 2001: 78.

Diagnosis. Head rostral plate without long, slender median spine; eyes cornea with 6 rows of ommatidia in midband, midband ommatidia quadrate. Antennae (antenna 2) protopod with articulated plate. Maxilliped 2 ischiomeral articulation subterminal; base of dactylus strongly inflated, dactylus with 1 large tooth and several small teeth. Maxilliped 3 propodus ovoid, longer than broad. Maxilliped 4 propodus ovoid, usually longer than broad, occasionally as long as broad. Maxillipeds 3 and 4 propodi not ribbed "distally". Abdomen segments subcylindrical in cross-section. Uropod protopod forked. Telson with distinct median carina, without spines or spinules, with fewer than 4 intermediate denticles, primary teeth distinct, slender.

Generic composition. Odontodactylus Bigelow, 1893a.

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