Mictacea: Species

J.K. Lowry and M. Yerman

Hirsutia saundersetalia Just & Poore, 1988

Hirsutia saundersetalia Just & Poore, 1988: 483, figs 1-4a.

Type material. HOLOTYPE: female, 3.3 mm, NMV J14462.

Type locality. Eastern Bass Strait slope (38º25'S 149º00'E), mud and silt on compacted clay, 1500 m.

Diagnosis. Based on Just & Poore, 1988: 483, figs 1-4a. Head eyestalks absent; rostrum present. Pereopods 2 to 5 each with exopods; exopods with more than 2 articles; pereopod 2 large, fossorial. Pereopods 3-4 basis and ischium separate. Uropod endopod with 5 articles.

Habitat. Marine.

Depth zone. Lower bathyal.

Distribution. Australia: Eastern Bass Strait slope.

Classification. Hursutiidae.

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