Calanoidea: Families

J.M. Bradford-Grieve

Parkiidae Ferrari & Markhaseva, 1996

Description. Female. Rostrum with 2 filaments; rostral margin not extended. Cephalosome and pedigerous somite 1 fused or partly fused; pedigerous somites 4 and 5 separate. Posterior corners of prosome in lateral view bluntly rounded; dorsal view symmetrical. Genital double-somite symmetrical in dorsal view; gonopores close together and totally covered by single genital operculum; with pair of seminal receptacles; with pair of copulatory pores that are completely covered by genital operculum. Caudal rami symmetrical; seta VII located ventrally.

Mouthparts. Antenna 1 with 24 free segments; ancestral segments X and XI fused. Antenna 2 exopod with 6 free segments; 8 setae; basis and endopod separate. Mandible basis with 3 setae; endopod terminal segment with 9 setae. Maxilla 1 basal exite seta absent; exopod extends short of endopod distal border. Maxilla 2 coxal epipodite seta absent; endopod setae of sensory type; endopod with 3 worm-like setae; endopod with 5 brush-like setae. Maxilliped with very narrow, elongate basis; coxal endite 2 with 2 setae, or with 3 setae.

Legs. Leg 1 basis outer seta absent; endopod with 1 segment; exopod with 3 segments; exopod segment 1 with outer distal spine; exopod segment 3 with 3 inner setae. Leg 2 endopod with 2 segments; exopod with 3 segments; exopod segment 3 with 3 outer spines. Leg 3 basis outer distal spine absent; endopod segment 3 with 5 setae. Legs 3 and 4 endopod with 3 segments; exopod with 3 segments; exopod segment 3 with 3 outer spines; exopod segment 3 with 4 inner setae. Leg 4 endopod segment 3 with 5 setae. Legs 2-4 surfaces strongly spinulose, or weakly spinulose; terminal spine with outer border serrated. Leg 5 present; very dissimilar from legs 2-4; coxa inner border without seta; uniramous, coxae and intercoxal sclerite separate, basis separate from 1-segmented exopod which has 2 terminal non-articulate teeth and 1 lateral articulate spine on inner and outer borders, surface of segments spinous.

Mode of life. Benthopelagic, in oceanic waters.

Distribution on sea floor. Greater than 1000 m.

Generic composition. This family is know only from the genus Parkius Ferrari & Markhaseva, 1996.

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