Anaspidacea: Families

J.K. Lowry & M. Yerman

Anaspididae Thomson

Anaspididae Thomson, 1894: 286.

Diagnosis. Eyes stalked. Antenna 2 exopod present. Maxilliped with 8 articles. Pleopods 3-5 uniramous; exopod well developed. Uropod non-segmented; with slender setae. Telson distally acute; with fringe of robust setae; forming a caudal fan with uropods.

Genera/species composition. Allanaspides Swain, Wilson, Hickman & Ong, 1970 contains two species: A. bickmani Swain, Wilson & Ong, 1970; A. helonomus Swain, Wilson, Hickman & Ong, 1970.

Anaspides Thomson, 1894 contains two species: A. tasmaniae Thomson, 1892; A. spinulae Williams, 1965.

Paranaspides Smith, 1908 contains one species: P. lacustris Smith, 1909.

Habitat. Freshwater, or stygobiontic.

Distribution. Australia: Tasmania.


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